Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thank you, Thank you!

This year Austin went through 4 months where the Dr. didn't know what was wrong. He was so sick everyday with fevers and couldn't hardly lift his head. A lot of what he was going through a lot of times is what Dr.'s see at the end of life. Everyone one from his Doctor's, nurses an us were all so worried for him. We had no idea what we were dealing with. When Austin went in to have his surgery for his g-button, because he could no longer gain weight, he ran a fever. I was thankful for that fever b/c it encouraged me to push the dr.'s hard to figure out what was going on with him before we were to be discharged b/c Austin had no quality of life being so sick. Even if it was his disorder going down hill I wanted to know what we were working with. I couldn't put enough words in to THANK YOU to the GI team and Dr. Rothbaum who helped diagnosed his crohn's. Since they have been treating this Austin has gained over 12 lbs, he could hardly gain weight before and he has his life back. He smiles, laughs, and plays! We still have to work with balancing his bowels, but the medicine he's on has changed his life. I am so grateful for dr.'s and medicines that have helped him! I have two of the greatest children and I am forever thankful for them and the blessing they are to me as a mom! I am so thankful this Thanksgiving that we have all made it through another year! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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